“Scandal” about separating parents and children gets more emotional

As we forecast, the new policy on illegal immigration last week has unleashed considerable emotion, particularly among Trump’s opponents and immigration supporters and activists.

Media coverage also continues to be egregiously bad.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had a panel that very evening which, yet again, played the “short version” of last week’s press briefing, when White House press secretary Sanders refused to let the issue be personalised after already answering the same questions from two other journalists.

This evening, Global with Matthew Amroliwala on the BBC’s World Service TV also showed yet again the “short version” – which has of course being doing the rounds in the “mainstream media.”

It is no wonder that Trump supporters have little time for the media when they cannot even do their job properly or, in the BBC’s case, fulfil its mission “to inform, educated and entertain.”

As so often, attempts to score political points and grab headlines leave the serious public uninformed about what is actually happening.

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