QED – yet again

Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House Communications Director, has given an interview to the BBC.

The big scandal on social media in the United Kingdom was that Scaramucci kept invading the personal space of the female interviewer Emily Maitlis.

Much more interesting is how such self-appointed “critics” failed to notice Scaramucci’s confirmation of the real scandal and our long-standing view that the American and British elites have been astonishingly out of touch:

You gotta think about how upset the United States’ people are, the middle class people.

When I came back from your beautiful city, in London, I was with the Dean of the Harvard Law School, and she said “well why did they Brexit? All of the elites that I just met with in London said they were never going to Brexit!”

And I looked at her, I said “have you been to a Bernie Sanders rally, Dean? Have you been to a Donald J. Trump rally? That’ll explain everything you need to know about the discontent! There’s discontent, Emily, there’s civil discontent.

Any satisfaction regarding QED is tempered by the low level of discussion and debate as western political culture spirals downwards – and the general failure on the part of academics and journalists to do their job properly and talk to people.

Symptomatic of this was that Maitlis was more interested in hearing about internal White House disputes than the substantive points Scaramucci was trying to make.

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