Transgender Ban vs Russia and China in the Baltic

On Wednesday 25 July 2017, President Trump’s announcement on Twitter that transgender people would be banned from serving in the US military predictably made the headlines.

But just days before, Chinese warships entered the Baltic Sea for the first time – a profound development which was barely registered by the U.S. media.

Chinese warships in heart of Europe rattle the Western powers out of their security dream

screamed the headline People’s Daily on 26 July 2017 in a badly written piece by a Curtis Stone full of outdated accusations about “western imperialism” – but not, of course, any mention of how Russia created the third-biggest empire in global history or the fact that China has been an empire for 2,000 years – and how, in the opinion of many international and Chinese experts, the communists are continuing that tradition.

Russia and China are now conducting their first ever joint war games in the Baltic Sea – a development ultimately far more important than the odd decision to ban transgender people from the U.S. military.

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