AfD split as co-leader Petry resigns from party

In our report yesterday on the German federal elections, we pointed out that

The AfD itself, however, is split between pragmatic politicians willing to compromise with other parties and right-wing nationalists who are expected to use the platform offered by the Bundestag to announce principled opposition based on outright racist slogans.

At the AfD’s post-election press conference today, one of the party’s co-leaders, Frauke Petry, duly announced her resignation from the party, accusing it of being a purely protest party which would alienate voters instead of trying to form an alternative government.

Instead of taking up her Bundestag mandate as a member of the AfD, she will enter the national parliament as an independent.

It remains to be seen if Petry will try to form another, more moderate right-wing party, and if other more moderate party members will follow her.

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